A man looks off into a big blue sky

Eternal Life Is Not About Heaven

Sometimes Christians fail to feel any real excitement over the gospel because they see the reward of eternal life as...
  • 6:49
  • Scott Stein
A woman looks at her wrist watch

Eternal Life is Now and Not Yet

There was a chorus I learned growing up titled, The World is Not My Home. The first line went like...
  • 6:08
  • Scott Stein
A road runs off into the distance

Where is History Going?

Don’t you think the best books, stories, or movies are the ones with a happy ending? Where the hero saves…
  • 9:05
  • Scott Stein
Jesus Christ looks up to the sky as he hangs on the cross

Why Jesus Had to Die

Remember the old rhyme, I owe, I owe, so off to work I go? While meant to be humorous, it...
  • 8:13
  • Scott Stein
A statue of Jesus Christ in a lush, green park

Why Jesus Lived a Perfect Life

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if Adam and Eve had never eaten that forbidden fruit?...
  • 5:10
  • Scott Stein
A mosaic artwork of Jesus Christ

Why Jesus’ Incarnation Matters

As much as our age of global communication allows us to do amazing things, it can also overwhelm us with...
  • 5:01
  • Scott Stein
A cloud of dust after an explosion

How We Are Living Under the Wrath of God

No one likes to talk about the wrath of God. The idea conjures up all kinds of horrible images, mostly...
  • 5:17
  • Scott Stein
A man meditates in a grove of trees

Sin = Self Worship

Have you ever read the story of Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree and wondered to yourself, What...
  • 6:28
  • Scott Stein
A hand picking an apple, like the story of Adam and Eve

How We Took God’s Glory for Ourselves

There is a reason why God included “thou shall not steal” as one of the ten commandments. And it isn’t just because it’s dishonest or an act of greed.
  • 5:06
  • Scott Stein
A close up of a globe

One Reason for What’s Wrong with Our World

What do you think is the world’s greatest problem? Is it overpopulation? Climate change? Social injustice? Systems of…
  • 3:42
  • Scott Stein
Eve offers Adam fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, with the serpent watching in the background

How Adam and Eve’s Sin Affects Us All

Does talking about sin make you uncomfortable? Do you get nervous bringing up the subject of sin when explaining…
  • 4:25
  • Scott Stein
A sculpture of Earth made out of modelling clay

Why Did God Create the World?

Have you ever wondered why God made the world the way that he did? Maybe you think this isn’t important…
  • 6:00
  • Scott Stein
A crowd of people from overhead

Is There a Purpose for the World?

In our last video we saw that what sets the Bible’s account of creation apart from every other religious…
  • 5:02
  • Scott Stein
A wall of hieroglyphs in Egypt, featuring Egyptian gods

How is God different from the gods of mythology?

Every religion has a creation account about how the world came into existence. So, isn’t the creation account…
  • 3:45
  • Scott Stein
A close up of God and Adam's hands almost touching in the painting "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo

Why Does God Care About My Gender?

Does gender really matter that much? Why can't Christians just “get with the times” when it comes to gender?
  • 12:55
  • Scott Stein
Polariod photos of Charles Darwin, John Stuart Mill, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Betty Friedan

Ideas That Shaped Our Culture’s Beliefs On Sex and Gender

How did culture's beliefs on sex and gender form? What key historical thinkers shaped the current thinking on gender? Get an overview.
  • 22:15
  • Scott Stein
A young woman looks at herself in the mirror

How To Help Someone Find Their True Identity

How do you find your true identity? Is there anything you can do to help someone discover who they reallly are?
  • 8:19
  • Scott Stein
A person rests their hand beside an imprint of another hand in a rock

How Does Knowing Who God Is Help Me Know Who I Am?

How does knowing who God is impact knowing who you are? Does his identity have anything to do with your identity?
  • 19:10
  • Scott Stein
A young woman looks at a reflection of herself in a store window

The Ideas That Shaped Beliefs About Identity

What is your identity grounded in? What beliefs have influenced how culture thinks of the idea of identity?
  • 13:47
  • Scott Stein
A woman reaches for her phone

How Do You Escape the Snare of Digital Addiction?

How do you escape addiction to technology? Find some practical tips on how to overcome the trap of digital addiction.
  • 14:31
  • Scott Stein
Many phone chargers are plugged into a power strip

What’s the Root Cause of Digital Addiction?

What makes us so addicted to our technology? How can we understand it?
  • 13:05
  • Scott Stein
A person reaches to pick up their phone

Is Digital Addiction a Real Thing?

It's everywhere in our lives. But is regular digital media use like a drug?
  • 23:59
  • Scott Stein
A road sign pointing in many directions

Do All Religions Basically Teach the Same Thing?

Don't all religions lead to God? How can Christians say their religion is the only true way? Aren't all religions equally true?
  • 10:21
  • Scott Stein
A scientist looks at a sample under a microscope

Can We Honestly Say There’s No Evidence That God Exists?

How do you convince someone that it's rational to believe in the existence of God? What reasons are there that God exists?
  • 13:49
  • Scott Stein
Two people sit on a park bench and talk

Sharing Your Faith When You Don’t Have all the Answers

How do you share your faith without getting defensive when facing tough questions that you don't have answers to?
  • 21:04
  • Scott Stein
A nativity scene in front of a Christmas tree and calendar

How Jesus' Birth Changed the World — and the Calendar

Have you ever wondered why we count the years as we do?
  • 4:04
  • Scott Stein
A girl leans against a tree and looks up at the sky

Things to Consider When Doubting Your Faith

Are you wrestling with a personal faith challenge? Or maybe facing tough faith challenges from others? In both cases, you'll...
  • 24:01
  • Scott Stein
A scientist holds a test tube in a lab

If Science Can’t Prove It, I Can’t Believe It

“I’m open to the idea of God, but I can't believe something, unless I can prove it scientifically.” In our culture…
  • 8:31
  • Scott Stein
What to Say When Christianity is Blamed for Residential Schools

What to Say When Christianity is Blamed for Residential Schools

What if someone approached you and asked, "How can Christianity be good? Look at the oppression committed by Christianity in...
  • 8:35
  • Scott Stein
A woman holds up her hand in rejection

Why is There a Determined Effort to Dismiss Christianity?

Why does it seem like the prevailing narrative in our culture unkindly portrays Christianity as a problem? What's the cause...
  • 3:45
  • Scott Stein