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Do We Have Free Will? God’s Sovereignty Vs. Our Choice

If God is completely sovereign over all of his creation, can human beings be free to make real choices? Or,...
  • 40:49
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
Defending Your Faith When You Don’t Have All the Answers | A Christian Book Recommendation for “Tactics”

Defending Your Faith When You Don’t Have All the Answers | A Christian Book Recommendation for “Tactics”

Have you ever been in a situation where you're trying to defend your Christian beliefs, and you give what you...
  • 0:46
  • Scott Stein
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Why Did God Allow Evil? A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil

“If God is so good, then why did he allow evil into the world?” This is probably one of the hardest questions…
  • 50:08
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
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Is God a Narcissist? Why God’s Demand for Worship Isn’t Selfish

The first commandment God gave Israel was this: You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3). And the...
  • 40:30
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith by Michael Reeves

The Importance of the Trinity: A Book Recommendation for “Delighting in the Trinity”

Many Christians would agree that the doctrine of the Trinity is important, but fail to see how its really relevant...
  • 0:32
  • Scott Stein
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The Key to Enduring Suffering: Thinking Like Jesus About Pain

No one can escape the reality of pain and suffering, but, as Christians, Jesus actually promised wed suffer (John 16:33)...
  • 37:33
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
Two girls watching a live stream of a church service

Can Online Church Replace Meeting In Person?

Technology has improved our lives in so many ways and offers countless new avenues by which the gospel of Jesus...
  • 45:12
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
Book cover for “Set Adrift: Deconstructing What You Believe Without Sinking Your Faith”

How to Deconstruct Without Losing Your Faith: A Book Recommendation for “Set Adrift”

Faith deconstruction has become a huge topic of concern among Christians. Some see the very process as a danger to...
  • 1:12
  • Scott Stein
People in a church service clapping their hands during worship

Do Christians Need to Belong to a Church?

People feel the need to leave church for many reasons. Most often it is because the church, as theyve experienced...
  • 44:35
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker

So Much More Than Sex

Rediscover God’s eternal purpose for human sexuality.

A 4-part, video Bible Study series that will give you a firm foundation for understanding, living out and proclaiming God’s beautiful and eternal purpose for your sexuality.

In our culture, sex has become central to people’s identity, lifestyle, and even community. But what if sex points to something even greater? Something eternal, determined by God before the world was created?

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