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Can we agree to disagree? Scott and Shawn stand on either side of a gay couple holding hands

Should Christians Agree to Disagree About Same-Sex Unions?

A growing voice within traditionally evangelical Christian circles is calling for the church to re-consider its historic, biblical stand on...
  • 1:02:54
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
Someone points at a verse in a Bible as another person holds out their hand in disagreement

Don’t Be a “That’s Just Your Interpretation” Christian 

Theres a kind of mental relativism impacting Christians today, especially those among Generation Z (i.e. those born between 1997 and...
  • 5:48
  • Scott Stein
How to respond like Jesus. Scott and Shawn stand under a pride flag

How to Respond to Criticism for Your Christian Beliefs About Sex

In our present cancel culture, when it comes to views about sex, Christians are definitely seen as being on the...
  • 45:43
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
A person wearing mittens holds out a small wrapped Christmas gift

Jesus’ Christmas Wish for You 

Do you want this Christmas to be a truly amazing and life-changing celebration? Then consider the implications of Jesus’ prayer.
  • 7:41
  • Scott Stein
A Prepared to Answer Christmas Special. The Prepared to Answer team smiles at the camera

A Prepared to Answer Christmas Special

Meet the whole Prepared to Answer team, hear some ministry highlights from this year, and a bit of what’s in store for 2023.
  • 37:31
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
What's the point of eternal life? Scott stands beside a man looking off into a big blue sky

Eternal Life Is Not About Heaven

Sometimes Christians fail to feel any real excitement over the gospel because they see the reward of eternal life as...
  • 6:49
  • Scott Stein
How would Jesus vote? Scott and Shawn stand beside a voter putting their ballot into a box

Is Jesus For Democracy or Socialism?

How would Jesus vote?When Jesus walked the earth, he didnt shy away from the subject of politics.Give to Caesar what...
  • 41:49
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
When does eternal life begin? Scott stands beside a woman who is looking at her wrist watch

Eternal Life is Now and Not Yet

There was a chorus I learned growing up titled, The World is Not My Home. The first line went like...
  • 6:08
  • Scott Stein
Scott and Shawn stand beside a raised fist, underneath the words “Is This Biblical Justice?”

Is Social Justice Biblical?

It seems as if everyone is fighting for social justice today, Christians included. Ironically, you can often find people standing...
  • 48:54
  • Scott Stein, Shawn Walker

See the World as Jesus Sees It

Learn to View the World Through the Lens of the Bible—Like Jesus

By following the story of the Bible, this 4 part video series gives you a biblical worldview for knowing God’s purpose for your life. Great for personal study or small groups.

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