A mother lovingly looks down at her baby as she cradles him

How God Uses Moms to Form Their Kids’ Identity

What role do mothers play in developing a healthy identity for their kids? Mothers help children establish a clear sense of who they are.
  • 26:44
  • Scott Stein
A teen boy sits on the curb with his backpack and looks away

Is Your Child Losing Faith?

Dad. Mom I dont think I want to be a Christian anymore.No words could be more painful or create greater...
  • 4:02
  • Scott Stein
A father carries his little daughter on his shoulders as she looks at the sky

“Daddy, Why Can’t I See God?”

Im not sure why its always at bedtime that my kids ask me the hardest questions. Perhaps its because thats...
  • 04:52
  • Scott Stein
A mother reads the Bible to her young daughter

Teaching the Trinity to Kids

The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most important teachings of the Christian faith, and yet admittedly one...
  • 4:49
  • Scott Stein
A little girl smiles and looks at the sky

"Who Is God?" - For Kids

Have you ever been asked to explain who God is?Maybe it was a child or grandchild who managed to stump...
  • 3:55
  • Scott Stein
A woman prays outdoors beside her house

The Power of a Praying Mother

One of the churchs earliest and greatest thinkers and theologians, after the Apostles, was a man by the name of...
  • 1:44
  • Scott Stein
A teen boy wears headphones and looks seriously at the camera

Facing Cultural Pressure...From Your Kids?!

I spoke with a Christian parent recently who described a discussion with their believing teen about the Bibles prohibition of...
  • 3:37
  • Scott Stein
A boy sits on the end of a park bench and looks downcast

3 Things to Say When Your Child Has Doubts About God

You never know where or when, but plan on it. One night I got myself ready with my daughter for tuck in time that for us always includes Bible reading and prayer. What I got was a question that I wasn't expecting...
  • 6:12
  • Scott Stein
A father talks to his daughter and she laughs

How to Teach Your Kids About the Trinity - Video 2

Welcome to Video #2 in our series "How To Teach Your Kids About The Trinity". In this episode I give...
  • 0:17
  • Scott Stein
A young boy looks at the camera, a school yard is in the background

The Culture of Sex Our Children Face

This cannot be for real! was the first thought that entered my head as Istood in front of the bulletin...
  • 2:06
  • Scott Stein
A mom and her daughter rub noses

Devoted Moms Can Change The World

If you're a Christian mom who is feeling a bit discouraged at the task of raising your kids to follow...
  • 1:22
  • Scott Stein
A young boy holds a tv remote and watches the tv

Our Children Are Growing Up in a HYPER-Sexualized World

Our children are growing up in a hyper-sexualized world, exposed at earlier and earlier ages to sexual images and ideas...
  • 0:40
  • Scott Stein
A young girl looks at a drawing she made of three people

The Trinity for Kids

The Doctrine of the Trinity is such an important thing for kids (and grown ups) to learn about God. It...
  • 4:53
  • Scott Stein
A little girl and her mother look at a phone together

Safeguarding Your Kids Against Porn

According to the Kaiser Foundation, a 2010 study showed that 69% of 11-14 year olds and 31% of 8-10 year...
  • 1:44
  • Scott Stein
A girl looks at the sky through lookout binoculars

“Who Made God?” - For Kids

Here is a short video that will help your children answer that important question: Who Made God?...
  • 3:00
  • Scott Stein
A father reads the Bible to his daughter by their Christmas tree

Christmas - A Time For...Teaching?

As I tucked my son in last night, his parting words were an utterance of understandable childhood excitement: Three more...
  • 4:59
  • Scott Stein
Train tracks running in all different directions

A Parent’s Guide to Pluralism

These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own. - G.K. Chesterton:As I...
  • 8:00
  • Scott Stein
A little girl stares out a window in thought

When Kids Ask: ‘Where Did Evil Come From?’

Here is a recent question we received that you also might face if you have the awesome task of raising...
  • 4:21
  • Scott Stein