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“Who Made God?” - For Kids

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Feb 05, 2015

Here is a short video that will help your children answer that important question: “Who Made God?”


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  • Diane
    Oct 11th, 2022
    Excellent, simply presented but very profound
  • Phil
    Oct 11th, 2022
    Very cool video, Scott, and philosophically clear. Thanks!
  • Natasha
    Oct 11th, 2022
    Wow! Great video, Scott! I love how you tied in the fact that because God wasn't created but always IS that He alone is deserving of our worship.
  • Devi
    Oct 11th, 2022
    Great video. The videos are very useful. Thank for sharing
    • Scott
      Oct 11th, 2022
      I'm so glad you found it helpful! - Scott
  • Sharon
    Oct 11th, 2022
    This is a great explanation for children and adults. Thanks Sharon
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