A video-based Bible Study Series for young adults that is focused on rediscovering God’s eternal purpose for human sexuality.

So much more than sex

In our culture, sex has become central to people’s identity, lifestyle, and even community. 

But what if sex points to something even greater? Something eternally glorious, determined by God before the world was created?

So Much MORE Than Sex is a 4-part, video Bible Study series that will give you a firm foundation for understanding, living out and proclaiming God’s beautiful and eternal purpose for your sexuality.

How do I get the video Bible Study series?

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Key benefits of study

During this 4-Part Series, You’ll Walk Through:

The Worldview of Genesis 1

The context of human sexuality. Before we can answer “Why did God create sex?” we must answer “Why did God create anything at all?

Why Male and Female?

We were created to reflect God, including our gendered bodies. Gender is sacred because it is eternally bound to express something true about our Creator. In the end, gender tells us more about God than about us.

God’s Purpose for Sex

Through God’s creation of our sexually ordered bodies, God established the necessary conditions by which humanity, as his image bearers, can serve as pointers to, participants in and expressions of his love.

God’s Redemption Plan for Sex

How has sin impacted sexuality? In Romans 1, Paul diagnosis the problem of our sin and its impact on our whole being. This gives us an interpretive lens to understand and live out a redeemed sexuality that glorifies God and prepares us for the culmination of sex in eternity.

"That was the most healthy talk I have ever heard in the church around sex and sexuality. I love that it was Biblically focused. And no part of it was condemning or shame inducing. Simply what God's word has to say about how He created us and how our sexuality should reflect Him. I thought it was really helpful to focus on specific passages. These will be helpful in the future and in future conversations."

Series Participant

A Transformative Bible Study Resource for Churches

Change the narrative. This series will help you:

  • move away from thinking of the "do not's"
  • focus on God's purpose for human sexuality
  • understand the sacred nature of sex
  • look at the world from creation to redemption

The series is easy to access and comes with a full study resource.

"The visuals and the source material are not only from the Bible but from additional reading. I also loved the discussion breakout rooms."

Series Participant

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About Scott, Your Instructor

Founder & Lead Apologist, Prepared to Answer

In 2013, Scott Stein established Prepared to Answer, a ministry devoted to equipping a new generation of Christians to experience life transformation through a renewing of the mind.

Scott has eleven years of experience as a pastor, and holds a Masters of Divinity and Masters of Christian Apologetics. He has a deep passion for the development of the Christian mind through training others to think like Jesus.

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