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Why Jesus Lived a Perfect Life

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Oct 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if Adam and Eve had never eaten that forbidden fruit? Why didn’t they just plug their ears while Satan was spinning his lie? “La la la la la…we can’t hear you!” That would have avoided the fall, right? That would have solved all our problems, right? The world today would be a perfect place, right?


While Adam and Eve were living in a garden paradise in perfect, loving relationship to God, the Genesis account of Creation makes it clear that the nature of that loving relationship was conditional. It didn’t depend on God loving them. It depended on them loving God, and trusting in his love.   

So, even if Adam and Eve had managed to avoid Satan’s trap one day, what’s to say they wouldn’t fall for it the next, or the next after that, or maybe in a week’s time? What their decision to disobey God proved, was that even from the starting point of created, sinless perfection, humanity’s union with God would always be potentially corruptible. It would always depend upon their ability to fully and completely love and trust God. That that meant there would always be a way open for people to choose to trust or love something or someone other than God.

Enter Jesus. As the incarnation of God in human form, Jesus made the way for God’s nature and human nature to be perfectly, incorruptibly, eternally united. But as the new Adam representing humanity, Jesus also needed testing to prove that in him, human nature had indeed been secured with God forever. 

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