If Science Can’t Prove It, I Can’t Believe It

If Science Can’t Prove It, I Can’t Believe It

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Nov 30, 2021

"I'm open to the idea of God, but I can't believe something, unless I can prove it scientifically."

In our culture, science is put forward as perhaps the most secure foundation of knowledge. Often it's set in contradiction to faith.

How would you answer a question like this? What if you don't know a lot of scientific arguments?

In this excerpt from a live event, Scott covers

  • The importance of testing the strength of worldview beliefs
  • Why you don't need to come up with scientific evidence for God when challenging a scientific worldview
  • Suggested questions you can ask someone to help them think through their underlying worldview assumptions, including the assumptions that science rests on


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