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How Do You Escape the Snare of Digital Addiction?

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Feb 23, 2022

The ease with which we can fall into the trap of digital addiction is undeniable. A recent survey shows that tweens and teens spend 4 and 7 hours per day respectively using digital media. Video usage on YouTube has doubled in recent years.

While our technology might be a new phenomenon, the kind of safeguarding we need to do against the temptations that come is not new.

But how do we escape the lure of digital media? Do we just relocate to where there's no Wi-Fi, like a deserted island?

In this excerpt from a live presentation, Scott shares

  • A visual exercise to help you understand time and gain the motivation you need to regularly calibrate your perspective
  • Tips for doing a media fast and developing the spiritual disciplines that combat the lure of digital addiction
  • How fully understanding the gospel equips you with a powerful perspective to orient your life toward what truly matters


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