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Are Christians Really Against LGBTQ?

by | Faith and Reason, Sexuality | 3 comments

As Christians, we must admit that the church has not always responded to or treated people who identify as LGBTQ as Jesus would. In more extreme cases, some groups that identify as “Christians” have behaved in downright unchristian ways; even promoting anger and hatred.

The result in either case is a perception by many in our culture that Bible-believing Christians are against people who identify as LGBTQ. This has left many Christians feeling conflicted about maintaining their commitment to biblical truth, while having a deep desire to love and care for their LGBTQ family members and friends.

The following is a talk given to high school students during a live online event. It seeks to relieve this conflict by dispelling the myth that Christians are against people who identify as LGBTQ. We do so by looking at the question through the lens of what it means to be “for” or “against” anyone.

Here’s a walkthrough of the topics we cover:

  • Are Christians really against LGBTQ?
  • Our cultural conundrum
  • Christians aren’t “against” anyone
  • Let’s focus on what we’re “for”
  • Our bodies are “for” reflecting God’s image
  • How do we witness to our LGBTQ friends?
  • Q & A

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The following is a talk given to high school students during a live online event by Prepared to Answer.


  1. Achillo Briglio

    As a Landlord who rents out a Room l am asked if 2 people can share the same room. Usually of the same sex?
    I do not allow this even if it is husband and wife. My question is how could l use this as an opportunity to present the gospel?

  2. hillary weber

    Thank you for your teaching on this Scott. It was well thought out, biblically based and practical. Thank you for being a valuable resource to help us lovingly engage with others.

  3. Gerri

    It is pretty simple. Love the sinner, hate the sin.


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