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How is God different from the gods of mythology?

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Every religion has a creation account about how the world came into existence. So, isn’t the creation account of Genesis 1 just another attempt to explain where everything came from?

Even though Genesis 1 may share some common features with other creation stories, there is one aspect of the Bible’s account that causes it to stand apart from every other.

In this video, taken from the video series Seeing the World as Jesus Sees It, we explain

  • The historical and religious setting that the creation account of Genesis 1 was written in.
  • How the Israelites, coming out of Egypt, would have understood creation before Genesis 1 was written.
  • And, how the Bible’s account of creation stands apart from all others by focusing our attention on the Creator doing the creating.

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Seeing the World as Jesus Sees It is a four-part video series that walks you through the Grand Story of the Bible, challenges your worldview, and gives you answers to ultimate questions about God.

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