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Exposing the Worldview of Anti-Conversion Therapy Laws

by | Culture and Spirituality, Faith and Reason, Gender Identity, Sexuality | 1 comment

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Note: This is the second episode in our series on anti-conversion legislation (Bill C-6). We encourage you to listen to episode 10 if you haven’t done so already.

Part of Christian witness is not only declaring the truth found in Jesus but exposing the lies that would keep that truth hidden from people.

Acts 17 gives us a great example in which Paul’s observations of the Athenian idols gave him insight into their spiritual blindness. This enabled Paul to zero in on the critical issues of belief holding them captive, and expose them to the light of the gospel. As a result, some of them believed and became followers of Jesus.

Like any idol, laws like Bill C-6 are a reflection of our culture’s ultimate beliefs. Without laying aside our concerns such laws pose to civil liberties, we ought to reflect on what they tell us about the deceptive, false beliefs that Satan is using to hold our culture in spiritual captivity.

In this episode, Scott and Shawn discuss some of the foundational beliefs represented in anti-conversion therapy laws like Bill C-6. By better understanding these beliefs, you’ll be better equipped to identify the critical issues of belief that hold people captive as you work to point them to Jesus.

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1 Comment

  1. bob engel

    hi scott, i was getting frustrated while listening to your latest podcast, so i turned it off. I couldn’t wait for the punch line, so to speak. the topic is such a close and important reality to my very soul.

    let me try to explain my impatience… my impatience at knowing the answer to the question, but having to listen to all the talk around the problem, all the while when i felt i knew the answer, but it was taking too long to get to my understanding of what the problem is. sorry.

    i have been in the printing trade since 1960, when i was in my parents’ print shop in London Ont., running an A.B.Dick printing press at the age of 10 in our house on wellington St., and stayed in the trade until 2005, when the printing technology forever changed to digital and computer/internet based. no smelly ink! no inky hands to show i was a printer. no more fun.

    this included 17 years in the university printing dept. at western, where the printed word was in constantly changing languages, and constantly revised dictionaries, and constantly evolving idioms, and made-up words like bits, and collateral damage, and gay, and bullocks, and German words that are impossible to translate and are the longest words in any language I am told.

    When i was 42 years old I became a born again Christian., and God took me aside and the holy spirit put such a fascination and hunger for god breathed scripture, that for the next 27 years, I just had to spend hours a day, in a lot of translations of the bible, and different denominations, mostly protestant, nondenominational, Christian churches in North America.

    i learned that all the bibles were good, some translations made obvious mistakes as to what the holy spirit, the holy teacher who Jesus spoke about, when He said that He had to go so the Holy Teacher could come and teach all mankind about God and what he wanted us to do, and what was right and wrong.

    if i tried to read a centuries old old King James bible, it was impossible my brain to translate to modern English, let alone a Chinese bible, or an Armenian bible, the original language that Jesus spoke I was told by an Arab refugee at a Dollarama cashier and her brother in London ON.

    what I am trying to say is that all languages are living, fluent, ever morphing creations that humans adapt to an ever changing world so that the marks on paper or on computer screens can be seen by seven billion humans on one tiny planet, and communicate with each other in profoundly complex and totally alien cultures.

    just the fact that the holy bible is the biggest printing event in today’s international environment is confirmation that the holy spirit is spiritually manipulating the printed word into spiritual, heart felt, soul food for every human being, if they let it speak to their heart, their soul, their mind.

    In conclusion, i was getting frustrated with what the Germans in 1930,s and 1940’s ran into that caused them to get totally befuddled and unable to hear what god was trying to tell them about what was right or wrong…the word was something like “helgeshittca”, or at least that is as close to the German scholar pronounced, to describe the disease that prevented the German Christian scholars of that era, from discerning good from Nazi evil. and that was the nation that the holy spirit saved the Christian religion from the roman catholic corruption of god’s teachings. the council of bull in the 1600s was to stop the printing of bibles in every language. the first copy of god’s hand written, (by god’s very own finger), into stone tablets, was given to Moses, but accidently ruined in shipping to the Israelites. god told the worker to make another copy, and don’t break it in delivery this time if you know what is good for you! god was a printer of scripture, and invented the german Gootenburg printing press for Martin Luther to make bibles world wide, and in ever changing translations, and languages. Christians world wide are creating new languages and new constructions of unwritten sounds and languages as we speak by missionary organizations, so that every language has their own printed bible in their heart language, not just a copy of an English or Arabic, or cantonese translation.

    all a very spiritual driven communication tool created by god, and god saw that it too was very very was very very good. he will not be prevented by man or Satan from teaching every man and woman what god wants.


    i feel better now, but i apologize for my impatience at getting to the spiritual reality of scripture and the spiritual text of my professor… the holy spirit.

    every morning i pray: “holy spirit please quicken these words to my heart”, and he never fails to amaze and humble me.

    keep up your excellent work, i need it more than ever because of the church lock downs world wide. it is killing our churches, but God will not loose any the Father has chosen1


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