A teen girl reading a Bible outdoors

What Teens Need for Lasting Faith, with Mike McGarry

  • By: Scott Stein, Mike McGarry
  • Jun 18, 2024
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It isn’t uncommon to hear about teens who’ve walked away from the Christian faith they grew up with. Despite being raised in a Christian home, attending church and participating in youth group, many teens in our churches simply can’t cling to their faith.

And even for those who do manage to hang on through their teens, they often struggle with questions and doubts about how their Christian faith relates to the real world. They fail to see what relevance it has for the really important questions in life, or how it meaningfully addresses the difficult faith questions and objections raised by others.

In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Mike McGarry of Youth Pastor Theologian, who argues convincingly that what teens today need most is sound, theological teaching. This doesn’t mean turning youth group into a seminary class. Rather, it means helping our teens come to know who God is. Mike responds to common objections to teaching theology in youth ministry and explains how knowing theology practically helps Christians in their everyday lives. As it turns out, knowing more about God really does help teens flourish in their walk with Christ.