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Why Did God Allow Evil? A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil

  • By: Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
  • Apr 23, 2024
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“If God is so good, then why did he allow evil into the world?”

This is probably one of the hardest questions Christians are asked, or even wrestle with themselves. It’s difficult enough as an intellectual challenge, but even more difficult when we are personally feeling the effects of evil in the world. But is there really an answer?

In this episode, Scott and Shawn tackle the question of why God allowed evil from three important angles. First, what’s a good ‘elevator’ response when someone confronts you with such a challenge but really aren’t giving you the time for a fully developed response? Second, what’s a quick response that’s often given that you should probably avoid? And third, what is the best biblical response to this question that, while maybe not resolving the tension, leaves the questioner to consider the truth about God’s ultimate purpose and destiny for his creation?