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Is God Speaking To Me?

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Aug 16, 2022
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Many Christians are convinced that God does speak to us. But sometimes we just aren’t sure how we’re supposed to hear him or know for sure what he’s telling us.

In this podcast, Scott and Matt meet up to talk about the ways we can know God is speaking to us, and how we can train ourselves to hear him better. Listen in as they discuss:

  • How determining if God is actually speaking to us means that we need to know how it is that God speaks in the first place.
  • How the Bible, as God’s Word, not only reveals to us what God says, but also gives us insight into other ways that he can and may speak to us as well.
  • How learning about God’s character and why he speaks at all is essential to learning how to hear God’s voice.
  • How important it is to examine our own hearts and ask why it is we want God to speak in the first place before determining if God is speaking.


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