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What Exactly is the Glory of God?

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Oct 12, 2021
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What does the word “glory” mean? We often use it in worship songs and even to name things like muffins.

But what does glory really mean?

It’s difficult to pin down - especially when it comes to God’s glory. How do we the finite define the infinite in terms of his glory?

While it’s true that we on our own can’t grasp God, there are things we can humbly and gratefully know about God, because he himself has revealed them to us.

His glory is one of them.

In this second installment of The Glory of God Series, a live event recording, Scott continues exploring the topic of God’s glory. He focuses on the important question, “What kind of thing is the glory of God?”

It covers:

  • How to approach trying to understand God's glory and the two extremes to avoid
  • How the nature of something we're trying to know determines how we can know it
  • What God revealed to Moses and how that revelation helps us understand God's glory and respond to it


This is part 2 out of 5 in The Glory of God series. Listen to part 3 here.


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