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How to Overcome Doubt

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How do you deal with doubt?

What do you do when you find yourself in a season of doubt? How do you process the questions that can threaten to overwhelm your faith?

What about when you find yourself wrestling with faith questions on an ongoing basis?

Listen in as Scott interviews Matt, our newest team member, about his past experience in dealing with doubt in his faith walk. Matt unpacks the journey that led him through a crisis of faith into a place of confident belief, and where through his ministry Truth Snack, he now helps others who are questioning and struggling to overcome doubt.

You’ll hear about

  • The importance of being hungry for answers and becoming an “adventurous truth seeker”
  • Differentiating between questioning in order to know truth vs questioning that truth is knowable 
  • Breaking down the key questions that will help you arrive at real conclusions
  • The place of doubt in the overall faith growing process

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