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Does God Answer Prayer? – Introducing Matt & Truth Snack!

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Christians believe that God answers prayer. But if we’re honest, we don’t always see God’s answers, or if we do it isn’t until much, much later. 

That’s why it’s so thrilling when God miraculously supplies a clear, direct, and obvious answer to prayer. It can leave you with a sense of wonder, and renew your faith in exciting ways.

In this special podcast episode, Scott and Shawn sit down with Matt Bellefeuille, Prepared to Answer’s newest team member, to talk about Matt’s new ministry with Prepared to Answer. 

Listen as they recount the story of how God so clearly orchestrated a direct answer to prayer. It’s news we’re excited to share with you. But we also hope it will be a story that builds your own confidence in God’s faithfulness to answer your own prayers.

1 Comment

  1. Graham Frost

    Joshua 1:7-9
    Great reminder and promise for the journey ahead.


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