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Deconstructing Faith: Series Introduction

by | Culture and Spirituality | 2 comments

Many Christians are finding themselves wrestling with difficult questions or deep doubts about their Christian faith. In the face of this, there tend to be two extreme reactions:

  • Some choose to simply bury, ignore, or deny these doubts and questions.
  • Others take the road of skeptical agnosticism and decide that since there are so many doubts and questions, true belief isn’t even a realistic goal, so what’s the point?

In this series, we want to provide you with a guide to help you successfully navigate questions
and doubts about the Christian faith and help others to do the same.

In this introductory podcast episode, Scott and Shawn talk about

  • What exactly is faith deconstruction and how is it related to deconversion?
  • What is Progressive Christianity?
  • What are the essentials of the Christian faith and how do we determine who’s right about them?

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  1. Steve Robinson

    Great topic Scott. It is not surprising to me that many are asking hard questions about what they were taught. Many children who grew up in the North American church have seen a huge disconnect from what they’ve heard and what they’ve seen particularly within their own families. They see a lot of talk and not a lot of walk. Divorce is as high in the church as the culture. They see a dad who number one priority is his work, Family and God come somewhere down the list. He is defined by what he does for a living not by who he follows . They see their parents buying wants with huge credit card debt. They see a dad who doesn’t love his neighbour as himself and his critical of others. Our faith is lived out in the little things and our day to day integrity. We’ve left the raising of our kids in their faith up to the church. When we go to church we hear them say from the pulpit isn’t it great to be in the house of the Lord today . Welcome to the sanctuary. The auditorium is not the sanctuary. God is not limited or confined to a building he resides in each of our hearts and we are slaves of Christ. We have become consumers not participants in the faith journey. At the end of the service they’ll announce if anyone needs prayer come down to the front and some of our elders the spiritual people or the pastors will be down there to pray for you. The number of times I’ve heard someone say that their children aren’t walking with God right now but I know they said a prayer and asked Jesus into their heart when they were a child so I know they’re saved. The book of James should be a must read for every Christ follower. I’m Chalange every time I read it. Never have we been in a time such as the present. You can Google verses on Joy, verses on peace, verses on love and it will give you the top 100 verses. Yet I’d venture say that scripture illiteracy has never been greater Some would say do what I say not what I do. A Pastor friend of mine would say follow me as I follow Jesus. What we should be saying to our children is follow me as I follow Jesus. A must read for every parent Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna. I look forward to hearing your future podcasts.

    • Scott Stein

      Thank you for leaving a comment Steve. God bless!



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