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Can Online Church Replace Meeting In Person?

  • By: Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
  • Mar 12, 2024
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Technology has improved our lives in so many ways and offers countless new avenues by which the gospel of Jesus can be communicated, and the church strengthened. No small part of these advantages come through the newly normalized medium of online meeting.

Out of necessity during the global COVID pandemic, most churches in countries with mandated restrictions needed to learn how to “do church” online. Through online Zoom or Google meets, or YouTube streaming, churches made do to replicate as best they could the many ways that we “do church” while mandated restrictions were in place. For a time, meeting online became the new normal.

While this way of “doing church” online pre-dates COVID, the widespread experience of online church during pandemic restrictions caused many to question whether doing church online might present Christians with a viable alternative to in-person gathering. Could it be that technology presents us with a new way of doing church in which we gather as the church online?

To be sure there are many Christians on both sides of the debate, each with their own reasons. In this episode, Scott and Shawn see if Scripture can shed some light on an answer, and what that might be. Tune in to find out what they discovered. 


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