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Other-Worldly Love: Embracing Jesus’ Radical Teaching to Love Our Enemies

  • By: Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
  • Aug 29, 2023
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When you really look at what Jesus taught and the life he calls Christians to live, you can’t help but feel that Jesus was setting an impossible standard. This is perhaps never more so than when we read Jesus’ command for us to “love our enemies.” (Matthew 5:44)

When we read a command like “love your enemies” in isolation, it can seem like Jesus is just setting us up to fail with an impossible standard. Does he seriously expect us to “love your enemies”? And if so, how can I, as a Christian, ever hope to achieve what seems like an impossible task?

In this episode, Scott and Shawn take a careful look at Jesus’ command to love our enemies in Matthew 5:44. By looking at it in the broader context of Jesus’ entire teaching in Matthew 5 and 6, they discover some invaluable insight about what Jesus meant, how he expected us obey, and what this ultimately means for us as his followers.

Tune in to this, our 7th episode in our Hard Teachings of Jesus Series.


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