A gay couple holding hands, each wearing a gay pride bracelet

Should Christians Agree to Disagree About Same-Sex Unions?

  • By: Scott Stein, Shawn Walker
  • Jan 17, 2023
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A growing voice within traditionally evangelical Christian circles is calling for the church to re-consider its historic, biblical stand on the recognition and blessing of same-sex unions. This shift was popularized around 2015 when Matthew Vines released his book, God and the Gay Christian. In it, Vines suggested a new approach to interpreting Scripture’s instruction on same-sex behaviours, which, in his eyes, opened the door for affirming life-long, committed same-sex unions. Since then, a growing number of voices is calling the evangelical church to do the same. This has created no small degree of disagreement and conflict.

But disagreement and conflict over doctrinal matters is nothing new to the church. Church history and community has been marked by many interpretive differences on matters of doctrine where, for the most part, Christians have simply learned to “agree to disagree”. Shouldn’t the issue of same-sex unions simply be viewed as another one?

Many Christians are tempted to argue “yes”. Given the amount of thought, care, and sincerity behind those like Vines who want to see the door to same-sex union opened to faithful Christians, isn’t the best way to resolve the divide for us to just admit our differences of interpretation and opinion, and move on?

In this episode, Scott and Shawn tackle this difficult but important question, the answer to which has the potential to re-define Christian faith, witness, and even the gospel itself for the next generation.