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Why is Everything Today About Race, Gender, and Identity?

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Sep 09, 2022
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The term “Critical Theory” has become very prominent in social debate right now. It seems as if everything has become about race, gender, and sex. These have become our culture's core markers of human identity.

This shift that we’re experiencing right now has been influenced by a set of ideas taking shape around the 1920s. These ideas have impacted Western institutions through a “critique” of society and its power structures.

We now have a leading generation whose view of reality has been shaped by Critical Theory.

The resulting mindset holds to the conviction that society is fundamentally driven by power and rejects the notion that we can gain objective knowledge of the world.

The implications of such thinking are massive. As Christians in this culture, we really need to begin thinking carefully and biblically about these world-shaping ideas.

Join Scott and Shawn in this podcast episode as they explore the impact of Critical Theory on culture.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The two main tenets of Critical Theory (knowledge and power) and their applications
  • How the notion of group identity and oppression changes the nature of moral guilt and moral obligation
  • How we as Christians' should understand Critical Theory and respond to it in today's culture