2019's Top 5

2019's Top 5

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Jan 03, 2020

As we begin a new year, we thought we'd start with a quick review of last year's top posts by readership for any who might have missed out.

The Trinity for Kids

The doctrine of the Trinity one of the most important teachings of the Bible. Without it, the gospel makes no sense. Here is an easy and clear approach to teaching your child about the one true God who exists as three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

How To Live Like Jesus

Living a transformed Christian life is possible, but not by just trying harder. The fact is that the way that we think determines the way that we live. As Paul said, being "transformed" comes from the renewing of our mind. How To Live Like Jesus will get you started on your way.

So Misunderstood - John 3.16

"So" Misunderstood

John 3:16 is one of the most beloved Bible verses for good reason. But its greatness is often obscured or even hidden entirely by misunderstanding the meaning of one little word: "So".

Christian Views on Sexuality Not Welcome!

Christian Views of Sexuality Not Welcome: Now What Do You Do?

How is it possible to maintain a stand for God’s truth about sexuality amidst so much controversy and opposition, even within churches and families? The Apostle Paul, who was no stranger to opposition, gives us timely insight into how we can graciously yet truthfully respond.

Can a Person Be Born in the Wrong Body

Can Someone Be Born In The Wrong Body?

The new gender ideology treats the body as of little importance when it comes to gender and gender identity. This stands in stark contrast to the Biblical view. The scar of sin upon Creation certainly presents real challenges for many people whose sense of gender and body do not align. The compassionate and healing response, however, is to help them see their gendered bodies as a sacred gift from God.


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