Old Tools for a New Generation

Old Tools for a New Generation

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Apr 27, 2018
God has given parents the high calling of forming their children's minds according to His truth revealed in the Bible.  But many parents feel ill-equipped to be Bible teachers.  Is successfully raising your children to think biblically only possible for those with theology degrees?  Not at all.Today the church has many tools at its disposal by which to train up each new generation to know the fundamental truth of Christian faith.  While modern day devotionals, music and videos can be great teaching resources however, there is one tool that has for centuries stood the test of time for systematically teaching your children to think biblically about God, the world and their lives in relationship to both.Download our most recent publication "Old Tools for a New Generation" for some practical tips and good resources for training your children to think like Jesus![wpdm_package id='1944']


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