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A Book Like No Other

After presenting a defence for the historical reliability of the New Testament to a group of university students, I was approached by a young woman who thanked me, and ultimately God, for the timeliness of my talk, saying:

“Just this week in my World Religions class the professor spent a whole lecture talking about the gospels and how everyone knows that they weren’t written by Jesus’ disciples, but by later Christians who wanted to create their own version of Jesus. I was so upset because I didn’t know what to say, and it seemed like the evidence supported what he was saying and not what I had grown up believing about the Bible.”

I left concerned over how typical a story this young woman had. Biblical skepticism has grown in recent years to the point where the average person simply assumes that scholars have proven the Bible unreliable, and Christians find themselves completely unprepared to respond. The results can be devastating Continue reading

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