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Yoga – Should Christians Practice It? (Part 2)

It is a privilege to cross paths with friends who share Prepared to Answer’s goals of helping Christians think biblically about life and critically about culture.  I am pleased to welcome Karen Bird as a guest contributor of this article.  Karen is a wife and mother of three.  She holds a BA in kinesiology from Western University and a Masters of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary.  In addition to working in business alongside her husband, Karen sits on the board of Hope Story (formerly Kids Alive) and serves in various capacities at her church, North Park Community, in London, Ontario.

Part 2:

Christians, those who live by faith and not by sight, should know better than anyone that there is, without a doubt, a spiritual aspect of life that cannot be seen but can certainly be experienced.  We practice many things that appear simply physical but which we know have much more than a physical affect:  praying, meeting together with other believers, reading scripture, partaking in communion, singing and raising our hands – all physical actions which we trust to affect both our spirit and God’s.  Ouija boards, tarot cards, astrology signs and symbols are also simply physical realities, but we know that they have significant spiritual implications connected to them – dangerous ones that ensnare and trip up rather than give life.  Eve in the garden of Eden participated in a seemingly purely physical act – reaching for and consuming a piece of fruit, but there was a deeply spiritual implication associated with it that had lasting consequences for all of mankind.28  We could go on to make the case with other things.  For example, why is adultery wrong?  It could be argued that it’s just a physical activity, with some definite pleasurable benefits.  But we all know that there’s more to it than that.  The bottom line is that our physical actions are linked with our minds, our emotions, our will, and with the spiritual realm around us. Continue reading

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