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Calling All High School Students!

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Prepared to Answer is holding a quality day long event for high school students on November 19th at Stoney Creek Baptist Church in London.  The How Can You Know? conference is designed to give students a safe place to ask those hard questions about the Christian faith.

Tim Barnett with Stand to Reason is our keynote speaker and is giving two talks entitled: “Does God Exist?” and “Are Science and Faith Compatible?”  In the afternoon students can choose from four different break out sessions offered by some dynamic speakers and teachers.  We’ll cap off the day with a Panel Q & A where students can ask or text our speakers with any other big questions that might have gotten missed.

The cost is $20.00 per student which includes registration for the day, lunch, refreshment breaks and a Free Book to help them start their own library of resources for defending faith in Jesus.

Students, invite your friends.  Parents, send your teens.  Pastors, bring your youth to a day designed just for them!

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