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Can Someone Be Born in the Wrong Body - Podcast Episode

Our immediate response may be to turn to science for the answer. For all of its merits however, science alone can’t provide an answer, because contained within the question are so many assumptions about our ultimate beliefs.

As we delve into this question, we’ll examine:

  • How does the Bible help us to interpret the feeling a person has of being trapped in the wrong-gendered body?
  • What about those born with intersex conditions?
  • Where can we turn or point others to for help who are struggling with feelings of uncertainty about gender or gender identity?

Meet the Hosts

Scott Stein

Scott Stein

Shawn Walker

Shawn Walker

Scott Stein and Shawn Walker love to talk about current issues from a biblical perspective, picking apart the inner workings of culture in light of God’s word. More than that, they want to help you find practical ways to apply God’s Word to everyday life.

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