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Can Someone Be Born in the Wrong Body - Podcast Episode

What's Wrong With the Idea of Sexual Orientation? [EPISODE 6]

It seems our culture now sees every aspect of how we relate to the world as a function of our inner sexual identity. Anything other than celebrating a persons’ self-declared sexual orientation or identity is seen as doing harm. How should we understand the idea of sexual orientation and respond?

In this episode, you’ll discover

  • What’s the danger of using sexual orientation as a framework for understanding human nature and identity?
  • How has the the church’s attitude and response toward homosexuality been influenced by this idea?
  • How does faith in Jesus help us understand our true identity?

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Scott Stein

Scott Stein

Shawn Walker

Shawn Walker

Scott Stein and Shawn Walker love to talk about current issues from a biblical perspective, picking apart the inner workings of culture in light of God’s word. More than that, they want to help you find practical ways to apply God’s Word to everyday life.

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