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Discussion Questions

  1. What do your non-Christian friends believe about God and religion?
  2. How would you explain your Christian beliefs to a friend from another religion or even no religion?
  3. How would you explain the Trinity to a friend? Why is the Trinity so important to the faith?
  4. How might you respond to someone who says they believe all religions lead to God in the end?
  5. Does the concept of only 2 religions (i.e. The Worldview of ONE vs. TWO that Shawn and Scott spoke about) make sense to you? Why?
Only Two Religions

Only Two Religions

“God is more than any one religion; the very idea that any one tradition can encapsulate that totality should be for us ludicrous!” So said the internationally recognized Jewish leader, Rabbi David Rosen, to the applause of thousands at the 2018 Parliament of World...

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Scott Stein established Prepared to Answer, a ministry devoted to equipping a new generation of Christians experience life transformation through a renewed mind in Christ. His goal is to help parents, churches, and Christian leaders raise up mature disciples who are rooted in the truth that “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” are found in Christ. (Col. 2:3).

Scott served as a pastor in the London, ON area for eleven years. He holds a Master of Divinity degree and Masters of Christian Apologetics. He applies apologetics in pursuing his deep passion for the development of the Christian mind through training others to think like Jesus.