How God Can Transform the Transgendered

How God Can Transform the Transgendered

  • By: Scott Stein
  • Jun 18, 2019

In 2017 I traveled to San Diego to attend a conference hosted by Restored Hope Network There I had the privilege to meet Kathy Duncan, a woman who had transitioned and lived as a man for almost twenty years of her adult life. You won't believe how amazing her story is!

There is tremendous cultural resistance to the idea that a transgender person can de-transition. While every person's story is different, Kathy's testimony in this two-part video is a marvelous illustration of how God can not only correct a person's gender identity but transform their entire life.

Kathy's story may be a bit mature for younger children but is a powerful tool for teens who are continually bombarded by the culture's message that a person's trans-identity is their true identity.

NOTE: The producers of this video have inserted brief advertisements for their ministry within the video.

For more resources to help you educate yourself or your children about gender identity and God's purpose in giving us male and female bodies, go to our Gender Identity Resource Page



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