A Voice Of Reason Into Treatments of Gender Dysphoric Children

Christian families, like the rest of society, are scrambling to find clarity in the fog of confusion that has swept our culture when it comes to gender and transgenderism.  Especially concerned are parents or family and friends of who find themselves dealing with children experiencing incongruence between their feelings about gender and their biological sex.  These are real problems and the church does need to think long and hard about how to encourage, support and guide such families.

While teaching and living out a consistent biblical worldview is vital, we are also helped when those within the medical/scientific community speak up and affirm the gender binary that God established when he created humanity as male and female.  It is self-evident for the honest observer and true human flourishing comes when we live according to our God given nature rather than trying to deny it.

In this post I just want to present some useful information that I was recently alerted to surrounding an article and subsequent interview with Dr. Michelle A. Cretella, who is President of the American College of Paediatricians.  Here is the link to the College’s own webpage. Continue reading

Where Do Parents With Gender Struggling Children Turn?

The BBC has released a new documentary that has raised the ire of transgender activists because it is entertaining the evidential claims of Dr. Kenneth Zucker, former director of the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) at Toronto’s CAMH (Centre for Addictions and Mental Health). Zucker was dismissed from his 30 year post at the GIC due to increasing pressure from transgender activists who were labeling the GIC a “conversion therapy” clinic. Continue reading

Safeguarding Your Kids Against Porn

baby-84626_1920According to the Kaiser Foundation, a 2010 study showed that 69% of 11-14 year olds and 31% of 8-10 year olds had their own cell phones, while a study by Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org) determined that 52% of all children under 8 had access at home to smartphones, iPods, iPads, or other internet ready devices.  It is no wonder that studies show that the average age for children to begin looking at internet pornography is between 7 and 12. Continue reading

Wynne’s Sex-Ed Curriculum Wrapped in a Worldview: People Are Starting To Recognize This.

It’s rare to find articles in the media that I agree with on the subject of Ontario’s soon to be released sex-ed curriculum, but I found this one by Dr. Nadine Nyhus in July 8ths Kitchener Record helpful and worthy reading for parents.Kitchener Record Sex-Ed Article Continue reading