The Christian and Old Testament Law

The Christian and the Old Testament

The world of the Old Testament seems foreign and strange what with the many fantastic stories, odd occurrences and strange rituals, and Christians often struggle with knowing how to relate to it. Even more they face questions or criticisms concerning the relevance or applicability of biblical commands that offend modern ears, and their own inconsistency in espousing biblical authority while failing themselves to obey them. While these issues warrant a much more lengthy discussion, in this brief article I would like to provide some explanation of how Christians relate to the Old Testament, in particular Old Testament Law. Continue reading

Kids Can Ask the Hardest Questions

Kids Can Ask The Hardest Questions

You never know where or when, but plan on it.  One night I got myself ready with my daughter for tuck in time that for us always includes Bible reading and prayer.  What I got was a question that I wasn’t expecting. Continue reading