Parents ButtonOne of our core goals here at Prepared to Answer is to help equip parents to be the primary educators for their children in forming their minds for Jesus Christ.  Our goal is that this will become a resource for you to help you find answers to the questions your children are asking, and tools to help you instruct them according to God’s truth.  Your role is absolutely vital, and one that God takes most seriously.  May God bless you in your greatest Kingdom assignment, the raising of Christian children.


  1. Kids Can Ask The Hardest Questions (“How Can We Know God is Real?”)
  2. More Tough Questions that Kids Ask (“If Heaven’s Perfect, Why Did Satan Sin?”)
  3. “Wasn’t God Cruel” (Concerning God’s Command to Destroy the Canaanites)
  4. Thinking About Proof for God (Showing how thinking itself is evidence for God)
  5. A Parent’s Guide to Pluralism (Download in PDF)
  6. “Daddy, Why Doesn’t God Speak to Me?” (Help our kids hear God’s voice)
  7. “Daddy, Why Doesn’t God Speak to Me?” – Part 2
  8. “Daddy, Why Can’t I See God?”
  9. The Trinity for Kids




A six week course designed to help Christian parents, grandparents or ministry leaders teach children to think biblically about all of life and critically about secular Canadian culture.  Learn more…



These memory verse resource coincides with teaching sessions from the “How To Pass On A Christian Worldview” course.  Downloads in .pdf format.  Please freely use for personal or family use, but do respect copyright.

 Session 3 – Creation Memory Verse Cards

 Session 4 – Meaning Memory Verse Cards

 Session 5 – Morality Memory Verse Cards

 Session 6 – Destiny Memory Verse Cards



Ontario’s 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy – 2009

Equity and Inclusive Education in Ontario Schools – Guidelines for Policy Development and Implementation – 2009

The following overview and analysis of Ontario’s 2015 Revised Health & Physical Education (aka Sex-Ed) Curriculum was complied by a friend and colleague, and gives a thorough analysis of not only the specific content that should concern Christian parents, but also suggestions of how Christian parents should consider responding.

Sex-Ed Curriculum Overview and Analysis – Part 1

Sex-Ed Curriculum Overview and Analysis – Part 2


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