How Do You See The World?

On October 19, 1944, under the tyranny of Hitler’s Nazis, Jewish psychologist Victor Frankl’s family was interned at Auschwitz concentration camp. There his mother died in the gas chambers, his brother as a slave labourer and his wife Tilly after being transported to another camp. As his family’s only survivor Frankl reflected on his experience at Auschwitz and the powerful force of ideas that made such horrors a living reality, stating:

“The gas chambers of Auschwitz were the ultimate consequence of the theory that man is nothing but the product of heredity and environment – or as the Nazis liked to say, ‘of blood and soil.’ I am absolutely convinced that the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Maidenek were ultimately prepared not in some ministry or other in Berlin, but rather at the desks and in lecture halls of nihilistic scientists and philosophers.”[1]

As a thoughtful student of the human mind, Frankl understood that whatever ideas form the foundation of man’s thinking shape the ‘ediface’ of his life. In short, that human life and actions always flow from a worldview Continue reading

A Book Like No Other

After presenting a defence for the historical reliability of the New Testament to a group of university students, I was approached by a young woman who thanked me, and ultimately God, for the timeliness of my talk, saying:

“Just this week in my World Religions class the professor spent a whole lecture talking about the gospels and how everyone knows that they weren’t written by Jesus’ disciples, but by later Christians who wanted to create their own version of Jesus. I was so upset because I didn’t know what to say, and it seemed like the evidence supported what he was saying and not what I had grown up believing about the Bible.”

I left concerned over how typical a story this young woman had. Biblical skepticism has grown in recent years to the point where the average person simply assumes that scholars have proven the Bible unreliable, and Christians find themselves completely unprepared to respond. The results can be devastating Continue reading

Ravi On How To Respond Graciously Regarding A Christian View of Homosexuality

In our day of rapid social change Christians find themselves a marginalized minority when it comes to defending biblical sexual ethics which confine all sexual expression to the one man / one woman marriage union.  Where this leaves us criticized and labeled, so be it.  However, we must ensure that where we are criticized it is for standing for truth, not for being graceless and judgmental toward any individual.

Learning to answer tough questions graciously is hard, but is made easier when you can listen to gracious Christians who do so well.  Ravi Zacharias is a gift to the church in this regard.  Here is a recent video in which he supplies some intelligent and winsome responses to these difficult cultural issues, clarifying truth with a gracious posture of Christ-like love.  Enjoy.

Is The Trinity Practical? – Part 2


You’ve probably heard many attempts to explain the ‘oneness’ and ‘three-ness’ of God by analogy.  Water is one substance that can exist in three forms; gas, liquid and solid.  An egg is one thing made up of three parts: yolk, white and shell.  However, all such analogies break down at some point. Continue reading

Is The Trinity Practical? – Part 1

When I mentioned to my wife the idea of writing an article on the Trinity her response said it all: “Keep it practical!”  But can the doctrine of the Trinity really be practical?  In this four part post I would like to help you grow in your understanding and appreciation for what most consider to be either a riddle or a blatant contradiction that Christians believe about God.  The first three parts are meant to help you grasp more fully this awesome truth about God’s nature and identity, and see how it will deepen and enrich your faith walk with God.  The fourth part is for those of you who are raising children, and is meant to give you some practical tools to make a trinitarian view of God foundational to their faith. Continue reading

Gender Struggling Children and Parent Fears of Suicide

Parents of children who struggle with gender identity face enormous pressure from our culture to affirm their children’s feelings that they are really the opposite gender. Fear is often used as a weapon to discourage any other response, the message being that failure to affirm and assist in gender transition will result in suicide. Continue reading

Protecting Your Kids’ Minds From Internet Porn

I recently received an email from a mom looking for an internet filter for the home computer or some mechanism to block inappropriate content. Unfortunately even the best internet filters are only so good, and their benefits are limited to the computers they are loaded onto which is a problem when the majority of kids access the internet through their own personal devices. (iPods, phones, etc.)  OpenDNS is a web-based tool that filters your internet signal at your router, effectively covering any device using your wi-fi, but this too is only so good. Continue reading

Where Do Parents With Gender Struggling Children Turn?

The BBC has released a new documentary that has raised the ire of transgender activists because it is entertaining the evidential claims of Dr. Kenneth Zucker, former director of the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) at Toronto’s CAMH (Centre for Addictions and Mental Health). Zucker was dismissed from his 30 year post at the GIC due to increasing pressure from transgender activists who were labeling the GIC a “conversion therapy” clinic. Continue reading

Calling All High School Students!

Email Blast

Prepared to Answer is holding a quality day long event for high school students on November 19th at Stoney Creek Baptist Church in London.  The How Can You Know? conference is designed to give students a safe place to ask those hard questions about the Christian faith.

Tim Barnett with Stand to Reason is our keynote speaker and is giving two talks entitled: “Does God Exist?” and “Are Science and Faith Compatible?”  In the afternoon students can choose from four different break out sessions offered by some dynamic speakers and teachers.  We’ll cap off the day with a Panel Q & A where students can ask or text our speakers with any other big questions that might have gotten missed.

The cost is $20.00 per student which includes registration for the day, lunch, refreshment breaks and a Free Book to help them start their own library of resources for defending faith in Jesus.

Students, invite your friends.  Parents, send your teens.  Pastors, bring your youth to a day designed just for them!

Let’s Make Sure We’re Criticized for the Right Reason


One of my wife’s colleagues put me on to this editorial from Phil Zuckerman in the LA Time yesterday entitled: “How Secular Family Values Stack Up“.  It opens by highlighting some of the statistical trends in the growing demographic that self-identifies as “non-religious”.  This is a statistic mirrored in Canada.  As always, the statistics certainly warrant a closer look, Continue reading

Christians Need Courage to “Do God” in Public – John Lennox

In his keynote address at the British National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2013, Dr. John Lennox told Christians to have courage to do their Christianity in public. Challenging the secular and New Atheist redefinition of faith, he reminded Christians that biblical faith is something concrete that can be presented for rational consideration.  I’ve highlighted and summarized some of his remarks, but I would highly recommend you invest the 24 minutes necessary to hear his brilliant address.

Continue reading

Clarity at Christmas

Clarifying ChristmasChristians often concern themselves this time of year over “keeping Christ in Christmas”, but of equal or even greater concern must be the question of “which Christ to keep?”  It seems these days that we are in greater danger of preserving a counterfeit Christ than eliminating him altogether.  Frankly, I’m not sure which is worse. Continue reading

A Parent’s Guide to Pluralism


Religious Diversity Guide



“These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own.”

– G.K. Chesterton:



As I talk with young people about matters of faith, a common posture is one of confusion: “There are so many different beliefs; who’s to say that any ONE is right?”  Within such an environment of uncertainty, how are we as Christians to equip our kids to deal with the relentless tide of competing and often contradictory ideas fed to them by our culture? Continue reading

“Wasn’t God Cruel?”

angry_godRecently, a parent posted this question to our website:

“My son was wondering why God wiped out tribes, including women and children in many stories in the Old Testament.  He thinks this is pretty cruel.  Thanks! Continue reading