God and Evil Series: “There’s Too Much Evil in the World for God to Exist”

God and Evil

Few of us may ever engage in a purely logical discussion surrounding the problem of God and evil.  Most reactions against God flow from people’s experience or exposure to evil than from musings from logic.  Such is the case for Queen’s Professor of Bioethics, Dr. Udo Schuklenk when writing of his own departure from belief in God.

“The theodicy problem requires us to explain away why a nice, all-powerful, all-knowing God would subject his creation to such a massive amount of suffering.  It became obvious to me that there is no reasonable answer to this challenge.  There is no plausible answer that would make sense of, for instance, the Holocaust.  This historical event cured me for good of the idea of an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent God.”1 Continue reading

God and Evil Series: A Key Objection to the Free Will Defence

God and Evil

The heart of the Free Will Defence is in denying any logical contradiction between the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient and omni-benevolent God and the existence of evil in the world. Simply put the argument goes that a ‘good’ God would create a world containing evil if he had ‘good’ reasons for doing so. The Free Will Defence suggest that creating meaningfully free moral creatures can logically be defended as a possible ‘good’ that defeats any logical contradiction.

A key objection however comes from Anthony Flew and J. L. Mackie, Continue reading

God and Evil Series: The Free Will Defence

God and Evil

In this segment we continue dealing with the problem of God and Evil. Before we begin a quick reminder that we are still working with the logical argument. Since some questioners consider God’s existence in the face of evil to be a logical problem, we serve them best to offer a response at the level of logic. We must never forget, however, that nobody lives at the level of logic alone, (with the possible exception of Mr. Spock). We may reason about the problems of evil at the level of logic, but we live with them at the level of experience. That said we must always treat our questioner with compassion and gentleness because though they may present a logical objection, the issue is always personal. Even Jesus reasoned with people’s minds, but always in consideration of their hearts. Continue reading

God and Evil Series: “Evil Disproves God’s Existence”…Really?

God and Evil

Questioner: “I don’t know how you can believe in God with all the evil and suffering that happens in the world.  Where was God during 911?  Where was God during the Tsunami of 2004?  Where was God during the holocaust of WWII?  According to your Bible, God is loving and kind and all-powerful…so why didn’t he do something to stop it?  Why does he let anything evil happen for that matter?”

Christian: “Uhhhh….” Continue reading

God and Evil Series: Theodicy – A Word Christians Should Know

God and Evil

In the battleground of ideas, one of the greatest challenges Christians face surrounds the issue of evil and its apparent conflict with the existence of God.  Unfortunately, popular and vocal atheists like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins have made their skeptical soundbites so accessible that many have adopted them without even considering the validity of the arguments that lie beneath.  This is unfortunate since their arguments are not new and already have a long history of thoughtful response from Christian thinkers.   Continue reading