“Wasn’t God Cruel?”

angry_godRecently, a parent posted this question to our website:

“My son was wondering why God wiped out tribes, including women and children in many stories in the Old Testament.  He thinks this is pretty cruel.  Thanks! Continue reading

More Tough Questions that Kids Ask

Kids Can Ask The Hardest Questions

Here is a recent question we received that you also might face if you have the awesome task of raising children.  Feel free to comment or add your own experiences with similar questions. (Note: We always ask permission before posting questions we receive.)

“Hi there.  My 10 year old daughter recently asked her Sunday School teacher why, if there is no sin in heaven, could Satan have decided he wanted to be greater than God? Her teacher said she didn’t know and to ask her mom. ;) I want to be ready when the question comes up again (you know what happens to those pesky unanswered questions ;)).


Sue Continue reading

Kids Can Ask the Hardest Questions

Kids Can Ask The Hardest Questions

You never know where or when, but plan on it.  One night I got myself ready with my daughter for tuck in time that for us always includes Bible reading and prayer.  What I got was a question that I wasn’t expecting. Continue reading