Sex & Sexuality:

Jones - How and When To Tell Your Kids About SexHow and When to Tell Your Kids About Sex  by Stan and Brenna Jones
This book is a ‘must have’ resource for Christian parents who can no longer depend on “the talk” and youth group to instill a biblical undrestanding of sex.  This practical,  biblical tool helps parents guide and teach their children about sex by placing it into its appropriate context of God honouring Christian character.  It also helps give parents tools to understand and navigate some of the “hot-button” issues surrounding sexuality that children are introduced to at a very young age in Canadian culture.


Jones - The Story of MeThe Story of Me – by Stan and Brenna Jones
An age appropriate introduction for three to five-year-olds on God’s design for family, mommies and daddies, boys and girls and how God has made them special.



Jones - Before I Was BornBefore I Was Born – by Carolyn Nystrom
An age appropriate introduction to sexual intercourse between a husband and wife, including discussions around conception, fetal development, childbirth and breastfeeding.  For children ages five to eight.


Jones - What's The Big Deal?What’s the Big Deal?  by Stan and Brenna Jones
A book designed for children ages eight to eleven, answering important questions they will have regarding sex, and addressing some of the issues they will face from culture such as homosexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and abuse.




Jones - Facing the FactsFacing the Facts  by Stan and Brenna Jones 
A book designed for pre-teens aged eleven to fourteen, giving them information regarding the changes occurring in their bodies throughout puberty, and how these changes fit into God’s plan for their sexuality.




Ludy - Teaching True LoveTeaching True Love to a Sex-At-13 Generation  by Eric & Leslie Ludy
Building from their own youth experiences and a career of speaking to young people on issues of sex the Ludy’s address the realities of sexual temptation and compromise among today’s Christian youth.  Warning that promise rings, purity contracts and disease awareness are insufficeint defenses in today’s culture of seduction, the Ludy’s instead offer a practical plan to safeguard your children by casting a grander vision of sex than the culture does.  Only God’s vision can give your children a goal for their sexuality worthy of desiring above any false promise that our ‘instant gratification’ culture can offer.  This is a practical guide to casting that vision.

Jenson - Good Pictures Bad PicturesGood Pictures – Bad Pictures  by Kristen A. Jenson and Gail Poyner, PhD.
A safe ‘read-with-your-kids’ tool to help educate them about the real life dangers of pornography, even before they know what pornography is.  Good Pictures – Bad Pictures will help equip your kids with a practical strategy on what they can do if/when they are ever exposed to pornographic images.  It also helps you as a parent to create an atmosphere of openness for discussing any struggles with pornography that your child may encounter.  The appendix includes other great tools for dealing with porn and porn addictions.

Jones - The God of SexThe God of Sex: How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality by Peter Jones

With ever increasing measure and speed the Christian perspective on human sexuality is under attack and being forced to the fringes of society.  But is such a phenomenon merely the conflict between ‘traditional values’ and ‘progressive’ cultural attitudes?  In The God of Sex, Peter Jones demonstrates that the root of our cluture’s shifting attitudes about sex is a spiritual one, and that how we think about God has a direct bearing on how we conceive of and practise our sexuality.  A great resource to help Christians understand and truthfully respond to the sexual confusion of our age.