Prepared to Answer is working to restore the church’s historic tradition of being a
community of faith committed toFaith and Reason
growing in knowledge of the truth as opposed to mere belief. Doing so will require a concerted effort to incorporate regular teaching, training and equipping, and also encouraging critical thinking in the areas of Worldview Formation, Cultural Apologetics, Classical Apologetics and Evangelism Training.

Our Approach:

Prepared to Answer’s approach is to establish trained Christian apologists in dedicated geographical areas, (such as a city or region), in order to establish long-term partnering relationships with local churches.

PA apologists will partner with pastors and ministry leaders in order to bring apologetic and worldview training into existing discipleship efforts. Our intent is not simply to add “yet one more event” to church calendars, but to incorporate apologetic and worldview education and training into long-term church discipleship strategies. While very few are called as “apologists” to debate on university campuses or speak to multitudes, we believe that all Christians should be “prepared to give an answer (‘apologia’) to everyone who asks us to give the reason for the hope that we have.” (1 Peter 3:15) In essence PA believes all Christians are called to be apologists, and therefore should be taught and trained accordingly.

PA’s primary focus is to partner with church ministries and leaders dedicated to discipling children, youth and young adults. While apologetic and worldview training are essential for all believers, we believe the urgency of our task is in preserving the emerging generation that is the deliberate target of secular humanist philosophy sponsored by our public education system. The late 20th and early 21st Century has witnessed an increasingly overt agenda to transform all levels of public education into centers of indoctrination for secular humanist values. The correlation between this agenda and faith “drop-out” rates among Christian youth is no coincidence. With the majority of Christian children receiving 6.5 hours per day of intentional instruction in humanist valuesParents teaching childrenand worldview, Christian churches and families must re-envision themselves and their role when it comes to raising children. We can no longer consider a mere hour of Sunday school and possibly mid-week programming as sufficient to raise our children so that they can “stand firm” (cf. Eph 6) in their faith.  Alongside working with ministry leaders devoted to the young, PA’s focus also includes providing training and resources to Christian parents whom God has called to be the primary educators of their children for life as Christ’s followers.

Far from being the sole providers of apologetic and worldview training, PA’s strategy is to form partner relationships with existing church ministry leaders. We believe that local church pastors and ministry leaders are God’s intended instruments by which to build the church until “we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature” (Eph. 4:13) As ministry partners, PA apologists seek to train, equip and resource existing church leaders so that they themselves can supply the necessary apologetic and worldview education within their own ministry environments. Through this partnership approach, PA seeks to multiply its efforts exponentially, serving as a supporter of local churches rather than an independent ministry supplier.