About Us

Prepared to Answer (PA) seeks to serve and strengthen the church of Jesus Christ in Canada through training and equipping in the areas of Christian Apologetics and World View formation.

PA was established in response to the alarming rate of attrition among younger Christians who are departing from their faith commitments to Jesus Christ due in large part to our culture’s successful creation of a false dichotomy between “secular” and “sacred” spheres of life.  Broadly accepted and accommodated by the church, we are now witnessing a generation of Christians who can no longer integrate the message of the gospel with the majority of life issues and their understanding of the world.  The result has been the general withdrawal of the church as “salt and light” to our culture, and a steady exodus of young Christians away from faithful witness and commitment to Jesus Christ.

PA works to be an educational partner and resource to local churches in order to help restore the average Christian’s understanding of salvation in Christ as having come to a “knowledge of the truth”.  Because in Jesus we have come to learn what is really true about God, the world and man’s relationship to both, we may enter into the new way of life that is true living.  When Christians allow God’s truth to inform every aspect of existence, their lives become living testaments to that truth; Christ’s glory is subsequently revealed, and people are drawn to the light of Jesus.

Because the church is Christ’s chosen instrument to bring about world transformation through the gospel, PA exists to be a servant of the church.  While many fine ministries exist to do “front line” apologetic and evangelism ministry within the academy and broader culture, PA focuses its efforts on local churches to train and equip Christians and Christian leaders.

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