Dealing with God and Evil Series

Welcome to our Dealing with God and Evil series.  Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at this important topic that often enters discussions about belief in God.  Many times those who question us have witnessed or experienced evil and suffering that they are unable to reconcile with their concept of God.  As Christian ambassadors for Christ our role is to help them by affirming their experience, but questioning their assumptions about God that they bring to it.  Remember, apart from Christ and the life giving work of the Holy Spirit the truth about God is obscured from human understanding which bears the scars of sin.  We pray that God’s Spirit would enlighten, but our role is to be present and ready witnesses to the truth that God wants them to know.

We hope that this series will help better equip you to answer the questioning in your own life.

1. Theodicy – A Word Christians Should Know

2. “Evil Disproves God’s Existence”…Really?

3. The Free Will Defence

4. A Key Objection to the Free Will Defence

5. “There’s Too Much Evil in the World for God to Exist”